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Volunteer Opportunities

As an organization run entirely on volunteer support, Honor Flight Kentucky relies on the skills and talents of our community. We have one goal in mind and that is to honor our Veterans. If you are interested in working towards this goal with us, please review the below volunteer committees.

Each committee varies in size and scope, but all are structured with a Committee Chairperson who serves under the leadership of our Board of Directors. Each volunteer is assigned to a committee and required to return a signed Volunteer Agreement to their committee chairperson. We look forward to serving with you.

Ambassador Committee

Our ambassadors are community members who are familiar with Honor Flight Kentucky’s history, mission, and logistics. Ambassadors go out into the community to share the opportunities available in partnering with HFK through sponsorships, volunteerism, participation in flights, etc. If you don’t mind speaking to groups of people and can easily connect with an audience, we could use your talents on our committee. Our Ambassador Committee also seeks out grant opportunities for our organization and works to develop those relationships.

Call Team Committee

The Call Team Committee might just be the most flexible regarding scheduling, however, requires a firm commitment to seeing responsibilities all the way through to the end. Each Veteran and Guardian manifested to every Honor Flight receive a minimum of three calls from their assigned Call Team Member to review logistics and obtain necessary information from the traveler.

You serve as their primary contact for information. Everything you need to share with your assigned Veterans/Guardians is provided and you always have resources to reach out to if you need more information or assistance. These calls are made in the months and days leading up to each flight mission.

If you’d like to have the experience of getting to know our heroes a little more personally and playing a role in the vital pre-flight preparations that take place behind the scenes, this is the committee for you.

Mail Call

Join us in honoring our Veterans through Mail Call. As part of every mission, we seek to show gratitude on behalf of the community for the service of our Veterans through Mail Call. Our Veterans are given cards, letters, and children’s drawings sent in from their loved ones, community organizations, individuals and school children thanking them for their service to our nation.

Things to consider when writing your cards and letters:

  • Handwritten cards or letters are most appreciated.
  • Mail should be addressed to “Hero,” “Trailblazer,” “Veteran,” (avoid referring to any specific branch of service.
  • Sign ONLY your first name, and an organization name is also appreciated.
  • Do not date the letters, cards, drawings, etc.
  • Do not seal the envelopes if used (all mail is reviewed and screened).
  • Don’t use staples, pins, or anything else that could injure fragile hands.
  • Please avoid using glitter in any drawings, etc.
  • Drawn/colored pictures are very appreciated by children, however, avoid using dark colored paper so it can be easily read.

Mail may be sent to:
Honor Flight Kentucky
P.O. Box 25025
Lexington, KY 40524

Special Event Committee

Do you have experience in public event planning? If so, this committee might be your top choice! The Special Event Committee executes all logistics related to the Honor Flight Kentucky events outside of flight days. This includes our “No Greater Honor” 5K Run in addition to future HFK sponsored fundraising events. If you have ideas, sponsor relationships, and organizational skills, we could use your help!

Marketing/Sponsorship Committee

This is a smaller, strategically minded committee. Do you have experience in marketing, business development and/or donor development? We’d love to have your expertise here as we seek to expand and diversify our sponsorship opportunities.

Trade Show Committee

Honor Flight Kentucky is offered the opportunity to attend various events around Central, Eastern, and Southern Kentucky with the purpose of sharing our mission with community members and Veterans. If you have a flexible schedule and would be willing to “work” our table at these events as your schedule permits, we’d love to have you join our committee!

Welcome Home Committee

One of the most important aspects of a “Flight Day” is the “Welcome Home” we provide at Blue Grass Airport upon the flight’s return. If you are willing to spread the word and turn out various groups of people within our community for these incredible evenings with our heroes, this might be the committee for you. The responsibilities of this committee are broad and include everything from creating signs and Veteran swag bags to providing logistical planning and support.

Upcoming Events

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When:Spring 2024

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